A better media is in your hands

Support Byline TV by becoming a member and get access to exclusive perks like full shows, access to all our documentaries, live Q&As, discounts and free event tickets and behind the scenes previews & sneak peeks.


BylineTV+ is a new streaming platform from Byline TV where you can find some of the most incisive and fair journalism, entirely funded by subscribers, all in one place. There’s tons of free content to browse below, or become a member using code PLUS to get your first month for just £2.


A better media is in your hands

Support Byline TV joining BylineTV+ and you’ll be helping us build a better media as well as getting access to exclusive perks like bonus content, live Q&As, discounts and free event tickets and behind the scenes previews & sneak peeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t. Most of our content is available for free on the Watch page or on our Youtube channel. Memberships just give our viewers a way to support Byline TV and get something back in the way of exclusive bonus content.

There are loads of perks for members, from intimate live Q&As with guests, to behind the scenes footage, livestream chats with producers and early previews of what we’re working on, as well as discounts up to 100% on ticketed events, there are myriad reasons to become a member of Byline TV. 

Oh, and you’ll be actively helping us in building a better media landscape too.

It’s easy – just go to and select a membership tier. You can upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time depending on your circumstances.

Currently we accept Paypal and Stripe payments, which means you should be able to use any major credit or debit card in the UK and most of Europe and America.

Over the next few months we’re going to try and switchh as many members over to BylineTV+ as possible. 

Because of lower processing and platform fees, we get to keep more of your subscription if you sign up via than via Youtube or Patreon.

We’re going to keep our Patreon and Youtube membership schemes, so you’ll continue to be able to access all of the same benefits with your existing account. But to help us keep building a better media, please consider making the switch. 

Read how to cancel your Patreon membership here.
Read how to cancel your Youtube channel membership here.

Byline TV is entirely subscriber funded. That means we don’t have any billionaire patrons or hedge fund investors – it’s just us and you.

We believe that this independence helps to keep us honest, and working to build a better media where our interests are directly aligned to yours, rather than shady backers telling us what to do. 

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