Citizen’s Assemblies: Restoring A Democratic Deficit

Citizen’s Assemblies: Restoring A Democratic Deficit

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Are Citizens Assemblies the way to make up the so-called “democratic deficit” which leaves many people estranged from parliament?

Sue Gray the former senior civil servant who reported on Partygate during Boris Johnson’s time as Prime Minister seems to think so. In her first interview as chief of staff to Keir Starmer, she revealed that plans are being drawn up to bypass Whitehall and involve the public directly in decision making.

Citizens assembles are credited with building consensus in Ireland for allowing gay marriage and ending the ban on abortion. But what exactly are they?How do they work?And will they undermine the role of MPs?

Adrian Goldberg hears from Sarah Castell, CEO of the Involve Foundation, which aims to put people at the heart of decision making and Rebecca Willis is a Professor of energy and climate governance at Lancaster University who was behind the Climate Assembly which worked with the UK parliament in 2020.

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