‘Draconian and Dangerous’

‘Draconian and Dangerous’

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“Extreme protest groups” should be subject to strict new laws according to the government’s independent advisor on political violence Lord Walney. This would include organisations like Just Stop Oil and Palestine Action whose members are willing to break the law to get their point across.


They might have restrictions placed on their ability to fundraise or assemble, according to extracts of a new report by Walney leaked to the press.

But is this an appropriate way to deal with protests that may be disruptive, but which are essentially non violent?

Adrian Goldberg talks to Gail Bradbrook is one of the founders of Exrtinction rebellion, who been found guilty of criminal damage as a result of her protests against HS2 and Barclays; and Francesca Cociani, a senior associate at  Hodge Jones & Allan, who regularly represents protestors in court.

Produced in Birmingham by Adrian Goldberg and Harvey White. Funded by subscriptions to the Byline Times. Made by We Bring Audio for Byline Times.

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