Europe’s March To The Far Right

Europe’s March To The Far Right

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In the EU elections, voters in France, Germany and Italy have shown an increasing appetite for populist anti-immigrant parties. The French president Emmanuelle Macron has reacted by calling a snap parliamentary election after his party was beaten into second place in the EU poll by Marine le Pen’s National Rally.


In Germany, the Social Democrats, the party of Chancellor Olaf Scholz were pushed into third place by the nationalist AfD. The result still leaves the EU parliament dominated by traditional centre right and centre left parties but for how long will that remain the case?  And what do these results tells us more broadly about the appeal of the far right in Europe.

Adrian Goldberg talks to Seema Syeda is a Marseille-based researcher working on European politics for UK-based campaign group Another Europe Is Possible; and Linda Kalcher, the Executive Director of a pan-European think tank Strategic Perspectives who is based in Belgium.

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