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As we stand on the brink of a new football season, is there an alternative to the global financial and political interests now dominating the national sport?

There are clubs like Newcastle United which are owned by the oil state of Saudi Arabia – keen to greenwash its reputation and desperate to promote its sporting credentials rather than discuss its human rights abuses. Or Manchester United – leveraged to the hilt by US owners The Glazer family, who have somehow managed to get ordinary supporters to pay the interest costs on their investment. The Glazers, already billionaires, now stand to benefit from an auction between rival bidders for their club.

Lower down the divisions, directors with eyes on the financial prize of a place in the Premier League are taking huge financial risks – so much so that since the League was created in 1992, 64 clubs have gone into administration.Some such as Bury and Macclesfield folder altogether.

The government is promising an independent regulator to curb the worst excesses of the sport, but is there another way of running footbsll altogether?

Adrian Goldberg talks to Niall Couper, CEO of Fair Game, which wants to reward clubs who are run sustainably.

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