France and the Far Right

France and the Far Right

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After the first round of voting in the parliamentary poll the clear winner with 33% of the votes was Marine Le Pen’s far right RN Party. They are the successor to the Front Nationale created by Jean Marie Le Pen, Marine’s Dad who famously declared that the holocaust was a ‘detail’ of history.


The RN were hoping to install their candidate Jordan Bardella as prime Minister, but ahead of the second round of voting more than 200 opposition candidates have quit allowing for an anti RN coalition.


Will that be enough to keep them out of office…and how did it even get this far?


Adrian Goldberg hears from Assa Samake Roman, a French journalist based in Edinburgh and Olly Haynes a freelance specialising in France.

 Produced in Birmingham by Adrian Goldberg and Harvey White. Brought to you by Byline Audio.

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