Hard To Swallow? Farming, Food and Brexit

Hard To Swallow? Farming, Food and Brexit

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The UK government has once again postponed border checks for food being imported to the UK from the EU, because it would increase inflation.That’s the fifth time the deadline has been put back.

But British food exporters have faced additional checks when they sell their goods into Europe – putting them at a competitive disadvantage.Is this the ‘Brexit dividend’ promised by the Leave campaign.

Keir Starmer has said that if Labour gets into power, he wants to renegotiate the UK’s trade deal with the EU, but a return to the single market is not on the cards.

Meanwhile, a post Brexit trade agreement with Australia has left many farmers fearful for the future. Cheaper meat imports may be good for the consumer, but flying in food from the far side of the world is hardly compatible with our Net Zero commitment, and will do nothing to improve our food security.

So how should those who make and trade our food deal with the post Brexit landscape?

Adrian Goldberg talks to Liz Webster, founder of Save British Farming, and Shane Brennan, chief executive of the Cold Chain Federation, representing businesses who get your food from A to B.

Produced in Birmingham by Adrian Goldberg and Harvey White.

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