Mouldy Flat ‘Made My Lung Collapse’

Mouldy Flat ‘Made My Lung Collapse’

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Mould and damp have long been a concern for many social housing tenants, and the death two-year old Awaab Ishak in Rochdale provided incontrovertible evidence (if any were needed) that it could be fatal.

The toddler’s inquest ruled last November that he died “as a result of a severe respiratory condition caused due to prolonged exposure to mould in his home environment”

That setByline Times’own Sian Norris on a mission to establish how many others could be at risk, andher findings– though incomplete because of the weakness of Freedom Of Information laws – were damning. She found that thousands of families – including those with children – were at risk.

Host Adrian Goldberg hears from Sian, and Michelle – a tenant in Bristol – who says that exposure to mould caused her lung to collapse.

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