MP: “I Won’t Be Silenced Over Boris Russia Links”

MP: “I Won’t Be Silenced Over Boris Russia Links”

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This time we return to the subject of Boris Johnson’s attendance at a party in Italy in 2018 at a castle owned by newspaper proprietor Evgeny Lebdev, son of former KGB spy Alexander Lebedev. At the time Johnson was Foreign Secretary, before becoming PM in 2019.

Evgeny – who owns The Independent and the Evening Standard – became a life peer in 2020 despite reports of concerns by the security services.Lebedev insists he is not a security risk.

That hasn’t stopped Labour MP Matt Western asking questions about the affair, and he now claims he’s been the victim of a co-ordinated attempt to silence him.

Presenter Adrian Goldberg hears from Matt and Byline Times political editor Adam Bienkov, who has been pursuing Tory links to Russian oligarchs for several years.

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