Palantir and the NHS

Palantir and the NHS

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US data firm Palantir Technologies Inc has won a £480 million contract (along with professional services firm Accenture) to handle the new Federated Data Platform for the Health Service.

On the face of it this looks like a positive for patients.The new Platform isdesigned to facilitate information sharing amonghospital trusts and other parts of the NHS, enabling them to communicate more efficiently.No more having to repeat your past medical history every time you see a doctor.

But Palantir’s involvement has caused real concern.The company has worked with the CIA and other intelligence agencies and what critics describe as mass surveiilance programmes. Its Trump supporting co founder Peter Thiel has been an outspoken critic of the NHS, suggesting that British Taxpayers have fallen to ‘Stockholm syndrome’.

Adrian Goldberg hears from Max Colbert, who has chronicled Palantir for Byline Times, Dr Jeni Tennision, Executive Director ofConnected by Dataand Hope Worsdale, a spokesperson for Just Treatment,

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