Sunak as PM; why this ISN’T Britain’s ‘Obama Moment’

Sunak as PM; why this ISN’T Britain’s ‘Obama Moment’

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We all remember what a breakthrough it represented when an African American became US president – so why isn’t Richie Sunaks’s elevation to Prime Minister being greeted with similar enthusiasm?

He is, after all, a Hindu whose parents came from East Africa, and he’s of Punjabi Indian descent.

For members of his own community, this IS a comparable milestone.

Sanjay Chandarana, President of the Southampton temple founded by Sunak’s grandfather said:“It’s like for the UK, it’s the Barack Obama moment, where a non-white person becomes Prime Minister for the first time, also a person from Indian origin and Hindu which is another dimension and everyone is very proud.”

Others are not convinced. Adrian Goldberg hears from Michael Bankole, a politics lecturer at Royal Holloway in London who has extensively researched race and representation in politics…

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