The Week In Politics – Trussed Up In Tufton Street

The Week In Politics – Trussed Up In Tufton Street

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What a week it’s been. The Bank of England was forced into a £65bn intervention to head off a pensions crisis triggered by new Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s Financial Statement which proposed a 5p in the pound cut in the top rate of income tax, funded by massive borrowing.

The markets were spooked, and a round of local radio interviews with Liz Truss to retrieve the situation was generally regarded as being not so much a car crash as a multi vehicle pile up. Meanwhile, off the back of a Party Conference that proposed a publicly owned green energy company, Labour has amassed a 33 point lead in the polls.

Adrian Goldberg hears analysis from Sam Bright, Byline Times Investigations Editor and author of Fortress London; Why We Need To Save The Country from its capital and Adam Bienkov Byline Times Westminster correspondent.

Produced in Birmingham by Adrian Goldberg and Harvey White.

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