Ukraine Full Scale Invasion: 2nd Anniversary Special

Ukraine Full Scale Invasion: 2nd Anniversary Special

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This is special episode to mark the second anniversary of invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

Russia had already annexed Crimea in 2014, and separatists backed by Moscow also sparked fighting in Ukraine’s Donbas region in the same year. The world mostly looked the other way, until Russia launched a full scale invasion of its neighbour two years ago on the false pretext that it was seeking to deNazify Ukraine.

Since then more than 42,000 Ukrainian troops are thought to have been killed and 11,000 civilians.Russia’s losses are thought to exceed 150,000 soldiers.

Reporter Zarina Zabrisky, who’s been covering the conflict from Ukraine for the Byline Times, has been talking to politicians, military experts, artists and ‘ordinary’ people to get a sense of how Ukraine is dealing with the conflict. The episode is narrated by her colleague, the war photographer Paul Conroy.

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