Votewatch: Protecting Democracy

Votewatch: Protecting Democracy

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Introducing Vote Watch, a new Byline Times campaign to ensure that the upcoming UK general election is both free and fair.

We want to hold political parties of all stripes to account by making sure that rules around voting and donations are observed; and to identify those trying to unduly influence the outcome of the ballot, whether through bots on social media, artificial intelligence or supposed grass roots campaigns that are in fact a front for one undeclared interest or another.

It’s an issue which has been brought into sharp focus recently by changes to rules around voting eligibility and election finance, which led the Labour MP Dawn Butler to say she fears the Conservatives are trying to steal the next election.

A new strategy document set out for the The Electoral Commission has also roused fears that ministers might be leaning on this supposedly independent voting watchdog.

We want you to act as our eyes and ears in the months ahead, and there’s a crowdfunder too, so that you can help support our work. You can also email

Adrian Goldberg hears from Byline Times chief reporter Josiah Mortimer and Byline Times editor Hardeep Matharu.

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