“Why I Believe Shamima Begum Is A Victim”

“Why I Believe Shamima Begum Is A Victim”

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Shamima Begum – the so called Isis bride who quit her home in East London to join the Islamic State group at the age of 15 – is appealing at a Special Immigration Appeals tribunal against the decision to deprive her of British citizenship in 2019 by the then Home Secretary Savjid Javid.

In the meantime, the 23-year old is living in a refugee camp in northern Syria.

MI5 and the Home Office believe she remains a threat to national security, but Rabina Khan – journalist, former Special advisor to the Lib Dems in the House of Lords and author of My Hair Is Pink Under This Veil” – tells Adrian Goldberg why she believes Shamima Begum is a victim.

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