Windrush: The Need For Reconciliation

Windrush: The Need For Reconciliation

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In reaction to the Windrush Scandal, the Inspector of Constabulary Wendy Williams in 2020 made 30 recommendations to remedy the situation. These were accepted by then Home Secretary Priti Patel, but her successor Suella Braverman then rowed back on three of the recommendations. These called for a Migrants’ Commissioner; tougher powers for the Independent of Chief Inspector of Borders; and to hold reconciliation events,

The government has now lost a court case and been told to re-instate the first two of those recommendations, but not the third. Adrian Goldberg hears from Windrush survivor Glenda Caesar; Timi Okuwa,CEO of the Black Equity Organisation which helped bring the court case; and Bishop Desmond Jaddoo from the Windrush National Organisation.


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