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Brexit’s Labour Shortage is catastrophic to the UK Hospitality Industry

Byline TV spoke to David Moore, founder of the French restaurant Pied à Terre to discuss hardships in his own business and the hospitality industry as a whole in Britain. He stressed the dire consequences that the removal of the free movement of people has caused.

“The lack of movement, the closure of borders, and the lack of welcome for foreign workers is catastrophic to this industry.” says David, who stresses the importance of the European worker who often comes to London seeking valuable experience that would otherwise be left vacant.

Britain’s employers, such as those in the hospitality industry, are struggling in some of the worst labour shortages in the 21st century amidst the sharp drop in overseas workers due to Brexit and the reopening of the country from the pandemic.

“Going forward, I actually can’t recruit enough people to run my business on the business model that I want.” explained David, who is almost halving the shifts of his staff and will no longer be serving during lunch hours. 

“It’s the whole EU, they’re of closest proximity and they’ve been our nearest and dearest for so many decades. We should be allowing them back in, because without them there is zero growth.”

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