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Boris Johnson

Dawn Butler on Boris Johnson’s Lies

Dawn Butler, MP for Brent Central, reflects on her ejection from Parliament in July following her highlighting of Boris Johnson’s deception and explores the profound cracks in the system that protect lies in the Government.

Dawn Butler had condemned the Government’s response to the Coronavirus and its inaccurate comments that the Covid vaccination programme had severed the link between infections and serious illness or death. 

Following the incident, Dawn had received attacks from the traditional media who were preoccupied with the MP’s language regarding calling the Prime Minister a ‘liar’. Dawn often stood her ground on the topic, and as the year progressed controversial video leaks of the Government’s deception began to sprout, forcing the legacy media to cotton on.

“They are beginning to get exposed for their complicity in allowing Johnson, and his government, and his ministers to get away with all the lies they have told in Parliament and outside of Parliament and I think the public will be very unforgiving, as will the history books.”

One such video leak in early December revealed Johnson’s adviser, Allegra Straton, the Prime Minister’s then press secretary, joking about a Downing Street Christmas party despite repeated denials that such an event took place. Dawn highlighted the implications of deep-rooted deception within the entirety of the Government.

“What got me was she asked ‘well, what’s the answer?’. And to me, that’s why they didn’t have the press conference. I have to lie, so what is the answer and how do I tell this lie?”

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