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Huge Counter-Support for Footballer Rashford after Mural Defaced by Racist Vandal

Byline TV went to Manchester to speak to the fans, many who came with different views, but with a consolidated outpour of unity and solace for Marcus and his England team. Rashford, along with Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka missed penalties and were soon targeted with racist abuse on social media. Rashford’s mural in Manchester was defaced hours later with swear words daubed across.

The reaction to the vandalism has been overwhelmingly supportive of the footballers. “We are absolutely honoured to live close to where he was born.” says one mum from Manchester. “Thank you for being you, we’re very proud of you. My kids have someone very special to look up to and it’s an honour to live beside where he’s grown up.” 

Rashford has been a huge figure in politics surrounding the issue of school meals, calling on the government and campaigning for them to review whether free school meals are available to enough families. 

A teacher from Manchester brought a couple of posters to the mural created by his students. ‘BLM – Stop racism. They don’t deserve all this racism and they are still young.’ said one poster. “I work in a very multicultural school and the children are very much aware of some of the issues that Marcus Rashford has highlighted both in terms of the anti-racism campaigns but also in terms of the school meal campaigns. So he’s a bit of a hero to those children.”

Rashford said he was “lost for words” as he thanked people for their messages of support.

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