Back to the Dark Ages? The Table Ep. 4

As Roe Vs Wade is officially history in the United States, we ask if the Tories are capable of something similar in the UK after a number of MPs either celebrated or defended the Supreme Court decision to remove the constitutional right to abortion.

PLUS is Prince Charles fit to be the next king? and What’s more important to social mobility in the UK – race or class? With panellists Bonnie Greer, Benjamin Butterworth and Mahyar Tousi

Comments on Back to the Dark Ages? The Table Ep. 4

  • Gisela Duncan
    June 30, 2022
    Enjoyed watching it. Very informative and good natured. Thank you.
  • Thelma Etim
    July 1, 2022
    Bonnie Greer detailed accurately the prejudice – subtle and overt – that people of colour face every day. I found her astute observations regarding how Afro-Americans are treated in the UK , in comparison with black Britons revelatory. People will be inspired by Benjamin Butterworth's honest account of this childhood. A riveting debate.
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