Live from Byline Festival 2022

The festival may be over for another year, but it’s not too late to catch up on almost twenty four hours of panel discussions, debates, interviews, music and poetry from some of the UK’s best thinkers, artists and even a global choir of refugees.

With an On Demand ticket, priced at just £10 you can join footballer turned campaigner Rio Ferdinand in conversation, or take in the wisdom of Actor and comedian Sanjeev Bhaskar as he dives deep into race and identity with Byline Times Editor, Hardeep Matharu. Get to the bottom of Brexit with Jonathan Portes, Adam Posen and more or discover the latest threats from big tech with Cambridge Analytica whistleblower and star of The Great Hack, Brittany Kaiser. There are even musical performances from the United Strings of Europe, debuting a new anthem by famed composer Howard Goodall, and from the Citizens of the World Refugee choir performing the Carol of the Bells in its original Ukrainian, amongst others.

There really is so much content to absorb, so it's great that you can watch it from anywhere, at any time, completely at your leisure with an On Demand ticket for only £10. Just hit "Purchase Access" above to start watching.

Byline TV Plus members can watch  festival content direct from the Members Area alongside dozens of hours of premium & extended content.

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