Why Do We Keep Getting so Many Unelected Tory PMs?

Reviews for Why Do We Keep Getting so Many Unelected Tory PMs?

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    Alban Thurston
    October 28, 2022
    Top show, as per habitually usual, dear chaps and female chaps, and chaps who like chaps! Is parasitism - aka entryism - aka CUCKOO-ism - the default subversion mechanism of any extremist nut-job movement, full of Believers, ready to bang their heads on walls, - stained with orange paint or blue plaques,or none at all - sharing with their skulls lies, shameless mendacity and Libertarian-serving psychpathy. Ooops, am somewhat off, pinot-grigio-fuelled, a review of Friday 28 Oct's show. But can I repeat my appreciation of Hardeep's latest very stylish ensemble? With a femmage to Cleopatra, c. Elizabeth Taylor, is that an Epsom sari, from the esteemed papyrus-printer's days in Epsom, Surrey? In a yellow redolent of English mustard? Colman's, of Norwich? A-ha! "Knowing me, knowing you", Alan Patridge
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