Is Britain’s Housing Broken Beyond Repair?

This week on The Table, we’re getting to the bottom of what happened to Britain’s housing. From mind-blowing mortgages to social housing that’s making people ill and rented accommodation that’ll cost everything you have – we’re taking it all on to find out why housing at every level is in such a dire state.

Joining host Jemma Forte at The Table are Community Organiser Emma Gardiner, Politics JOE correspondent Ava Santina, Byline Times Investigations Editor Sam Bright and Talk TV Host Cristo Foufas.

This is a pre-recorded episode of The Table so there will be no After Dark for this episode.

Comments on Is Britain’s Housing Broken Beyond Repair?

  • Marta Falco Ainley
    April 5, 2023
    there are lots of jobs that are not in London an the way to get ownership to to buy where property is cheaper. there needs to be drastic rules, caps on what landlords charge and they ought to be fined if their property is damp and they should offer a home in the same area for those people. the way that landlords are allowed to leave people in horrific flats is a crime. when Thatcher pushed for selling council houses she ought to have built council properties
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