Matt Hancock Exposes All Politicians Lie

What is Matt Hancock doing on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here? Are politicians celebrities, and should they be treated as such? And how important are Hancock’s revelations that in effect, all politicians “pivot” to avoid answering questions?

There’ll be no “pivoting” tonight and all our panellists won’t be able to wriggle out of answering to Marina Purkiss as we ask these questions and more about the state of our Government, culture and how is everyone just ok with this?

Joining Marina Purkiss at the Table tonight are Gina Miller, Aid Thompsin, Femi Oluwole & Cristo Foufas.
Live at 6PM.

Then, after the public broadcast ends, join us for After Dark, our exclusive members Q&A with the panellists. To join in, just use the After Dark link at the top of this post and click on the embedded stream in the After Dark post.

Comments on Matt Hancock Exposes All Politicians Lie

  • Christine Nobbs
    November 14, 2022
    Excellent discussion thank you all .
  • Hugh PK DIBLEY
    November 14, 2022
    Excellent discussion - especially the need for a Truth law - Am still supporting Marcus J Ball who successfully prosecuted B Johnson for lying in office until kicked out by the High Court (judge was apparently was close to BJ?). Is anyone else still supporting Marcus? My lawyer/banker son did not - we agreed on all else: anti-BrExit, Cons out etc. in 2015 was saying that BrExit will cost 4-8% and in 2020 that those so xxxxx stupid that cannot see voting to be poorer deserve effects of the coming mess. (He died unnecessarily on 26 March 2020 after a minor heart attack just after start of "Stay at Home, Protect NHS, Save Lives", did not go to A&E & died of a heart 2 days later while his partner gave him CPR, I blame Johnson for delaying the lockdown rather than Hancock? (Losing tens of thousands of lives) For info his first fainting fit was possibly/probably triggered by his vaping e-cigarettes which should be banned - but like the cigarette lobby in the past commerce will prevent any restriction?
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