Multiple Fresh Race Rows Erupt in the UK

Comments on Multiple Fresh Race Rows Erupt in the UK

  • Ralph Rye
    December 7, 2022
    One of your best, but alas, it strikes me still as an echo-chamber. An alt-gbeebies. You surely have enough traction now to invite non-Twitter guests in however decent your current ones may be? I'm sure I'm not unique in missing the old This Week, as rotten Neil was. Have you considered a similar format? Two regular pundits and the guests? Hardeep's a natural Portillo and Peter will have to learn to wear a wig. You seem to be doing similar with The Table, but that just seems confrontational, and any good points lost in the shouting. Take my criticism as honest please. I admire what you do and wish you well. Life's about learning.
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