Rwanda: Racism or Reason? | The Table Ep. 2

Join Marina Purkiss, Esther Krakue, Otto English and Nicola Thorp for this explosive episode of The Table, Byline TV’s brand new discussion and debate show.

On The Table tonight:

Rwanda Deportations: The racist actions of a reactionary government or common sense policy?

Glastonbury So White?: Do we really need ethnic diversity in every cultural pursuit or do different people just like different things?

Not so Independent: The Government’s Independent Standards Advisor has blasted the name of the role, claiming it isn’t independent at all – and bears no real power. So who can hold the Government to account?

Reviews for Rwanda: Racism or Reason? | The Table Ep. 2

  • Jacky Smith
    June 16, 2022
    Better than last time - a more lively & better balanced group. Beginning to see some real possibilities - the idea that polite but genuine disagreement might be entertaining is not going to catch on with GBEEBIES, is it? Still some problems with sound levels.
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