The Rwanda Policy: Reason or Racism?

Join Marina Purkiss, Esther Krakue, Otto English and Nicola Thorp for this explosive episode of The Table, Byline TV’s brand new discussion and debate show.

On The Table tonight:

Rwanda Deportations: The racist actions of a reactionary government or common sense policy?

Glastonbury So White?: Do we really need ethnic diversity in every cultural pursuit or do different people just like different things?

Not so Independent: The Government’s Independent Standards Advisor has blasted the name of the role, claiming it isn’t independent at all – and bears no real power. So who can hold the Government to account?

Comments on The Rwanda Policy: Reason or Racism?

  • Jacky Smith
    June 16, 2022
    Better than last time - a more lively & better balanced group. Beginning to see some real possibilities - the idea that polite but genuine disagreement might be entertaining is not going to catch on with GBEEBIES, is it? Still some problems with sound levels.
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