The Dan Hodges vs SuperTanskiii Debate

  • August 17, 2022
  • 31:30

Has there been anything more damaging to UK politics than the lies of the right wing press? Why does the Daily Mail keep splashing lies across its front page – and how do they keep getting away with it?

Well we decided to put these questions to one of The Mail’s biggest columnists, Dan Hodges in this special episode of The Table. Join Marina Purkiss, TikTok star SuperTanksiii and columnist Dan Hodges as we get right into it and give the right wing press a grilling they won’t get anywhere else.

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Comments on The Dan Hodges vs SuperTanskiii Debate

  • Peter Weston
    August 17, 2022
    I found the debate very illuminating in that Dan Hodges did not change my view that the Daily Mail and other newspapers print lies, one point raised was the "news' that Turkey was about to join the EU. Information was easily obtainable at the time that stated that Turkey was 10 to 20 years away from being able to join the EU, unfortunately Dan Hodges very quickly changed the subject and that was not properly debated. That lie about Turkey possibly had more influence on people voting to leave the EU than any other untruth spouted by the right wing media at the time.
  • Gisela Duncan
    August 20, 2022
    It was tough for both sides. Agree with the other comment above that he didn't change my opinion on the right wing press. It was a learning curve for all. However, amazing that this platform exists and long may it continue.
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