How Stephen Bear Exploited his ‘Revenge Porn’ Conviction for Profit

How Stephen Bear Exploited his ‘Revenge Porn’ Conviction for Profit

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Actress & Campaigner Nicola Thorp sits down with Alan Collins, a lawyer at Hugh James Solicitors who represented victims of Jimmy Savile, to discuss the conviction of Big Brother winner Stephen Bear for selling a sex tape of an ex girlfriend online.

The Celebrity Big Brother winner captured consensual sex with Georgia Harrison, the Love Island star, using CCTV cameras in his garden in August 2020 without her knowledge. He then uploaded the footage to his OnlyFans account, a site where users sell explicit content to subscribers, without her permission.

Nicola and Alan discuss the Stephen Bear case, which has resulted in a landmark conviction for ‘revenge porn’, as well as other issues around consent, the upcoming Online Safety and Victims bills and look at how social media, television and influencers like Andrew Tate have affected relationships and consent for the next generation.

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