Boris Johnson Abandoned by Voters & MPs

Boris Johnson Abandoned by Voters & MPs

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The Conservative party has faced two crushing by-election defeats. In Wakefield, Labour have won back a seat that saw an historic flip to the Tories in 2019. In Tiverton and Honiton the Liberal Democrats have achieved the biggest overturn of a majority in a by-election ever. On top of all of this, Conservative party chair Oliver Dowden has quit, telling the PM “we cannot carry on”.

Join us as we break down the results and ask what’s next for floundering Boris Johnson with Byline Times Westminster Editor Adam Bienkov, Byline TV producer Caolan Robertson – who spent the last two days in Wakefield.

We’ll also be talking to journalist Tim Walker, who broke to Carriegate story about the Times’ spiking a story about the Prime Minister’s attempt to get then mistress Carrie Symonds a £100k per year job – after Downing Street put pressure on the paper.

Plus Journalism Professor Brian Cathcart and President of the Peterson Institute for International Economics Adam Posen

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