Tesla Whistleblower Blasts Elon Musk & His Twitter ‘X’ Management

Tesla Whistleblower Blasts Elon Musk & His Twitter ‘X’ Management

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A former Tesla technician who put out a fire at the electric car manufacturers’ plant in Norway and received praise from Elon Musk for his actions says he was bullied, harassed and eventually fired from Tesla after complaining about serious safety concerns regarding the vehicle’s autopilot.

Lukasz Krupski, winner of the 2023 Blueprint for Free Speech Whistleblowing Prizes, leaked data including customer accident reports to German newspaper Handelsblatt earlier this year, warning that Tesla’s autonomous driving systems are not fit for purpose and that the company is covering up serious issues with safety. Speaking exclusively to Byline TV’s Caolan Robertson, he describes his experience blowing the whistle and his concerns about Tesla owner Elon Musk’s use of Twitter, now X, to suppress criticism and free speech.

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