Kwarteng Out, Will the PM be Next?

Kwarteng Out, Will the PM be Next?

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Friday Night with Byline Times is our weekly news and current affairs show in collaboration with Byline Times. Join Byline Times Editor Hardeep Matharu and Peter Jukes in breaking down the biggest stories of the week with experts and insiders.

Kwasi Kwarteng has gone, but will Liz Truss be far behind? Will sacking the Chancellor be enough to save her? Dive into the Westminster chaos with Sir John Curtice and Adam Bienkov, as we analyse the feasibility of Truss’ position and bizarre press conference earlier today.

Who is Alex Jones and why has a US judge ordered him to pay 965 million dollars to parents of children massacred at the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting? Byline TV producer Caolan Robertson is on the sofa to elucidate, and explain why the far right is taking over UK national media.

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