Out of the Shadows: The Return of Boris Johnson?

Out of the Shadows: The Return of Boris Johnson?

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Friday Night with Byline Times is our weekly news and current affairs show in collaboration with Byline Times. Join Byline Times Editor Hardeep Matharu and Peter Jukes in breaking down the biggest stories of the week with experts and insiders.

We asked last week if sacking the Chancellor would be enough to save Liz Truss. It wasn’t. And now a not insignificant number of MPs are backing Boris Johnson’s return to Downing Street. It would be an unlikely victory for the disgraced former Prime Minister, but what does the fact he’s even in the running say about the party?

On tonight’s show we’ll be looking at the state of the Conservative party, how the recent chaos might support the campaign to abolish the First Past the Post electoral system and sharing some exciting updates about our recently announced Brexit documentary.

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