Friday Night with Byline Times #45: Beleaguered Boris Johnson

Friday Night with Byline Times #45: Beleaguered Boris Johnson

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Boris Johnson’s approval rating remains at a miserable 30% while more than half of the country believe he should resign. As his government is rocked by the return of the partygate scandal and now a U-turn on promises to ban gay conversion therapy, we ask how long can the perpetually beleaguered Boris cling on to power?

PLUS: A look back at Laura Kuenssberg’s tenure as BBC political editor, updates on Ukraine, including shocking revelations that Russia is trafficking civilians from Ukraine to work for free in Russia, and the uncertain future of the monarchy following Prince William and Kate Middleton’s disastrous Caribbean tour.

With special guests: former BBC journalist Patrick Howse, UCL Lecturer in Education Conflict and International Development Alexandra Lewis and Byline contributor Otto English

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