Friday Night with Byline Times #46: The Great British Sell Off

Friday Night with Byline Times #46: The Great British Sell Off

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Join Peter Jukes & Hardeep Matharu tonight for Friday Night with Byline Times, this week…

We’ll be breaking down Nadine Dorries plan to sell off Channel 4. Does it make sense politically? What about financially? And how does the publicly owned independent broadcaster work anyway? We’ll be joined by Dorothy Byrne, former Channel 4 Editor at Large and Paul Mason, its former Culture and Digital Editor.

PLUS War Crimes and Russian Gulags in Ukraine? Photojournalist and veteran war reporter Paul Conroy reports from Ukraine to weigh in on reports of Russia intentionally bombing civilians as they flee while UCL Programme Leader Alexandra Lewis makes some disturbing revelations about Ukrainian citizens being deported and forced to work for free in Russia. 

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