Friday Night with Byline Times Ep47: The Return of Rupert Murdoch

Friday Night with Byline Times Ep47: The Return of Rupert Murdoch

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With Piers Morgan’s imminent prime-time comeback already marred in controversy over a selectively edited interview with former President Donald Trump, we take a look back at Morgan’s history of similar scandals and dive into what Rupert Murdoch’s return via Talk TV means for an already problematic UK media space.

PLUS: Boris Johnson will face an investigation over partygate after a Tory backbench rebellion, what does this mean for his beleaguered premiership? And what about Priti Patel’s Hotel Rwanda plan for refugees? And why does it matter if Elon Musk buys Twitter? We’ll be answering all this and more tonight at 8PM.

With special guests: Professor of Journalism and Hacked Off Co-Founder Brian Cathcart, Former Chief Political Commentator of the Daily Telegraph turned Byline Times Diarist Peter Oborne, Citizens of the World Refugee Choir leader Becky Dell and new social media company We Are 8 founder Sue Fennessy

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