Elon Musk Blows Up Twitter

Elon Musk Blows Up Twitter

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Join us live at 7pm as we break down what’s going on with Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, exploring the chaos behind the scenes and the dangers posed by billionaires controlling our public town squares with Jim Killock of the Open Rights Group

PLUS the arrest of journalists at a Just Stop Oil protest with press photographer Tom Bowles, why the Government are facing legal action over conditions at Manston asylum detention centre with Detention Action’s James Wilson, Putin’s Kherson withdrawal with former diplomat Arthur Snell and the conclusion of the Grenfell inquiry with former MP for Kensington and Chelsea Emma Dent Coad.

Join us after the show for After Dark, our exclusive members only live Q&A where you can join us for a postgame drink and ask your questions about the topics on the show. Just use the link above to join the stream.

Hosted by Byline Times Editor Hardeep Matharu and Byline Media CEO Peter Jukes.

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