John Cleese & Peter Oborne on Boris Johnson’s Lies: Uncut

John Cleese & Peter Oborne on Boris Johnson’s Lies: Uncut

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Throughout his Prime Ministership, Boris Johnson has been dogged by accusations of lying; to the press, to the people and to Parliament. Countless accusations have been proven to be true, and yet we still seem to have a problem calling it out. In fact Labour MP Dawn Butler was even thrown out of Parliament for saying as much.

No one has put more time or effort into recording, investigating and cataloguing the lies of Boris Johnson than Peter Oborne, former political columnist for The Spectator who spent more than six months researching, documenting and correcting every lie told by Boris Johnson in his public life.

He is interviewed here on Byline TV by comedian John Cleese, to discuss his new book The Assault on Truth which explores the decoupling of politics from truth telling, and his website, a public record of all of Boris Johnson’s lies.

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