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The News Must Go On

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Friday Night with Byline Times returns after the summer recess to a momentous week for the UK. We have a new Prime Minister, the Queen has died and Liz Truss has announced a massive £150bn package to support households with the cost of energy bills.

Tonight, we’ll be examining the Queen’s legacy and the impact her death will have on Britain’s national narrative, as well as the potential ramifications as other important issues, like the cost of living, will receive less media coverage at a vital time.

Joining Hardeep and Peter this evening; Byline contributor and Author Otto English, former diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall as well as historian and Professor of Strategic Studies at he University of St Andrews, Phillips O’Brien.

Watch the show live from 7pm, and make sure to join the After Dark Q&A immediately after the show with Hardeep, Peter and Otto using the link above.

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