Was the Tory Leadership Race Really a Win for Diversity?

Was the Tory Leadership Race Really a Win for Diversity?

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As the candidates for the Conservative party leadership are whittled down to two, we take a look at the diverse cast of characters who entered the race and ask – if the policies are all the same, and policies that many believe will hurt immigrants and refugees, is the lineup really a win for diversity?

PLUS, amidst a heatwave that has seen the hottest temperatures ever recorded in the UK, we examine the Government’s Net Zero agenda and ask if it can survive a tax-cutting PM in the middle of a cost of living crisis.

With special guests Bonnie Greer, Author and Playwright, Paul Mason, former Economics Editor for Channel 4 News and Albie Amankona, Financial Analyst and Co-Founder of Conservatives Against Racism and hosted by Marina Purkiss.

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