What ICC War Crimes Arrest Warrant Means for Putin

What ICC War Crimes Arrest Warrant Means for Putin

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Content Warning: This report contains graphic imagery some viewers may find disturbing.

Both Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin’s “Children’s Right’s Commissioner” Maria Aleksyevna Lvova-Belova were issued with an arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court on Friday for the alleged war crime of abducting and removing children from Ukraine to place with Russian families.

The warrant means that the 123 countries signed up to the Rome agreement will be obligated to arrest the Russian President if he steps foot in their territories. It’s unlikely Putin will face international justice for rules of war violations as long as he remains in Russia which is not signed up to the ICC agreement but it is an important first step towards recognising and proving that war crimes have been carried out by Russian forces in Ukraine.

Speaking to Byline TV Producer George Llewelyn, Author & Journalist Zarina Zabrisky explains the likely impact this warrant will have on Putin and his invasion of Ukraine, and details many of the other war crimes that journalists have found evidence have taken place during the war.

Byline TV Producer Caolan Robertson has been in Ukraine making a documentary with John Sweeney about the war, uncovering evidence of crimes against humanity and exploring the impact of Russian propaganda tactics on the Ukrainian war effort. He describes how evidence has been uncovered of the illegal use of incendiary weapons against civilians by Russian forces.

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