Why Not All Black People Support BLM

Why Not All Black People Support BLM

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Byline Times Editor Hardeep Matharu meets Esther Krakue, a conservative commentator and frequent panellist on Talk TV and GB News about Black Lives Matter, racial politics and the differences in how we deal with issues of race in Britain compared the US or the rest of the world.

Esther moved to the UK from Ghana as a teenager and so straddles two identities, and in many ways two political ideologies. In the UK, Esther is seen as a conservative, but she says by Ghanian standards she falls more into the liberal camp. This juxtaposition between the political norms of her two backgrounds, she says, is the source for her politics and why she feels so doesn’t necessarily fit into the conservative or liberal orthodoxies.

When she has written about this in the past, even going as far as to criticise the Black Lives Matter movement in the US and it’s adoption in the UK, she says she has received racist abuse from both sides of the political spectrum.

Watch as Hardeep explores where Esther’s identity comes from, why she says the Black Lives Matter organisation doesn’t represent her and why she thinks racism isn’t an issue tied to any particular political ideology.

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