New Small Boats Bill Won’t Stop Dangerous Channel Crossings

New Small Boats Bill Won’t Stop Dangerous Channel Crossings

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New laws unveiled by Rishi Sunak this week will seek to end small boat crossings of the channel by making the asylum claim of anyone who comes via that route inadmissible, even going so far as to immediately deport and permanently ban them.

The problem is, there are almost no safe routes available for asylum seekers to get to the UK, meaning the new rules will make it almost impossible for anyone to claim asylum here and leave thousands of vulnerable people in a legal and geographical limbo.

Beth Gardiner-Smith, CEO of refugee charity Safe Passage, talks at length to Byline TV about the Government’s plans, why their tactics keep failing, what really needs to be done to solve the crisis in our asylum system and busts some myths about refugees coming to the UK.

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